Monday, September 26, 2011

Julius Caesar and 5 Senses: Homeschooling for September 15 - October 23, 2011

School has started up again!  I love this time of year!  What fun it is to start a new year of teaching and learning together!  Ok enough exclamation points.

The kids and I are still reading the first book of The Story of the World this year.  We are almost finished.  I know I wanted to be finished with it last year, but life happens and it just didn't work out that way.  We've tackled India just a touch, China and Rome.  The kids love learning about China so I make sure to have extra books for them in that area.

Our Rome study has been longer because it's a larger section in the book than other areas.  There's a lot to cover in Rome!  Julius Caesar is our Star of the Moment in History.  I have always enjoyed learning about Rome.  I like all History really, but Rome was always a huge attraction.  

In Science I am using a book called Science in the Creation Week by David Unfred, MSc, MBA (I have no idea what those letters after his name mean!).  I am not using all of the activities from this book, but using it mostly as a guideline and for ideas.  I have used a couple of activities and will use another this week that I tweak to make it fit for us.  But I really really like the idea of teaching Science from a Creation aspect.  Very exciting!  And this book is from grades 2-5 with the different ages separated so you can easily tell what ages to teach what.  

We started out with Using Our Senses to Explore God's Creation.  We will finish that section this week and we get to start Day 1, Light.  How exciting, yes!?  

Oh and the drawback about that book for Science is that it doesn't explain the subjects, it gives you the activities to help instill them.  But that is a plus for me in a way because that gives me more to plan, which I love to do!

For math I am using Lesson Pathways online as a guideline.  I have set up the subjects that I want each of them to learn and then I go through for the week and choose what links we will use.  After we learn a topic, there are games or videos for the kids to watch.  Then I find something relating to what they learned in their mathbooks that we use.  They are just worksheets.  Bubba is using A Beka and Stinky is using A Beka and another one.  

This year I am going to start using more things for homeschooling such as YouTube videos.  We've used it a few times, but I want to do it more.  I also want to use my Powerpoint more often and have fun creating slides and teaching the slides for the kids.  I think that I might do one for the next week of school on one of our subjects.  

We are also covering these other subjects as well: English, Language Arts, Phonics, Spelling, Reading and PE times.  But those are pretty boring to write about.  

Except for I can add that the kids and I have picked up a new hobby called Hooping.  Remember Hula Hoops?  Well we are making our own, because they are much better to use for adults and for the tricks that we are doing, and we hoop for hours on end.  It's great exercise because it uses all of your muscles at once and is like aerobic.  

In fact, if you'd like to see a video of my kids hooping, check out my Youtube page!  You can also check out Bubba's trick basketball shot that was inspired by Dude Perfect, whose videos are favorited (not sure if that's a word, but it sounds good) on my YouTube!

And one last word before I sign off.  I want help spreading the word for my new organization.  It's called Hooked on Hope Organization and I started to help families in need or to bring comfort and love to ill people.  The ultimate goal is to spread the Love and Word of Jesus Christ!  Here's my Facebook page and Blog.

On the side is my Amazon Carousel widget for the books that we read this week.  Not included are The Sense of Touch, The Sense of Taste and The Sense of Smell by Mari Schuh.

Hope to see you around all year!!  Thanks for stopping by!