Saturday, January 29, 2011

Correction on Previous Post

I just wanted to let everyone know that I had made left out crucial information on my blog post about the review for TEACHMagazine.  First, I would like to state that they are no longer TEACHMagazine, it is now Eternal Encouragement.Magazine. 

The second thing that I did change in my blog post was that I was mistaken about how to order the book, and now I have given the correct information.  And there is even a coupon code added to order the book $4 cheaper than those who don't read a GabbyMom review blog.

The blog post is here.  Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Homeschool Blogging Catch Up

The last week that we did in homeschool covered the water cycle in Science.  We read a couple of books on that along with some Bible verses that said a little about it also.  They totally understood this and even knew most of it before I started to teach them. 
I think the best things that happened while I wasn't able to blog about them was the week that the kids got to choose what they would study that week.  I gave each of them a list of 3 things that they could choose from to learn and do some sort of project on.  Bubba chose trapping and snaring and Stinky chose sewing. 
Stinky and I went to Michael's craft store and picked out a simple little unicorn picture that she could learn to sew with. 
Bubba got to do his with his dad.  They had built a fort in Greg's living room to hide under while they had rigged up a tub to show him how to trap animals.  They both had quite a bit of fun doing this project.  Bubba took what he learned and played with his dolls after that trying to trap them. 
Here are the books that we read for this school week:

Homeschool Week I Have No Idea

Since I lost my computer for about a month or so, I didn't get a chance to keep up with my homeschooling weeks.  But we really haven't done that much reading in that amount of time because we haven't been doing as much reading.  This is a list that I was able to make but I wasn't able to transfer the list to my blog.  I just love these Amazon widgets:

For this particular week in school, we were learning about air for science.  We read a few books that explained it quite well.  The kids understood what I expected of them.
We were studying the Phoenicians during this time in our history. 

The Gabby Mom Mission #1 *EDITED*

My first mission as a Gabby Mom was to read and review the book called True Treasures: Ten Years of TEACH Magazine presented by Mrs. Lorrie Flem.  Lorrie felt led by the Lord to put this collaboration together of articles written in TEACH Magazine by some of their best authors.  Lorrie’s own mother was a large part of the TEACH team for many years.

The book was split into 6 different chapters that touched on each area of importance in a Christian woman’s life.  

In the first chapter called Jewels That Make the Heart Sparkle I read a great piece by Mrs. Lorrie Flem called His Wheel = His Will.  This brought to me a wonderful reminder that we are the clay and we can not form ourselves.  Therefore, we need God’s loving, masterful hands to fix the problems that we face in ourselves.  We can not change ourselves, but He can.

There are chapters that cover marriage, parenting, homemaking,k homeschooling and godly living.  I kept notes while I was reading each article and came out with 2 pages of notes that have combined information from all of the chapters!  One of my favorites that I wrote down to keep note of for myself is Bible Verses to Pray for Your Children by Author Unknown.

I also found some useful and inspiring quotes in True Treasures.  Two of my favorite are both said by Lorrie Flem.  “Satan is thrilled when we think of our jobs as a never-completed to-do list.  He wants us to feel trapped in our roles, defeated; and unable to see beyond today.  But, as always, God has a different opinion.  In I Kings 17:17, God calls us ‘the mistress of the house’ and the Hebrew word for mistress means to be master or to have dominion over.  You are in charge of your home.  This is an awesome responsibility, because your job is to make your home a little picture of God’s big picture.”  Doesn’t that just put it into perspective?

If you are interested in reading this Godly collection of writings from inspiring women, please check out and order True Treasures today for only $19.95!  And as a reader of A Peek Inside, you can use this coupon code GabbyMom and you can get $4 off! That coupon code is good until the end of May.  There is something for all of us included!  Be ready to do some heart searching and praying about the ways that you can bring God into your family life even more than you do now!

I received this product for honest review from TEACH Magazine as a part of The Gabby Moms blogging program.  All opinions expressed are solely my own.