Friday, April 23, 2010

Science Lessons for Our Bird Project

We are so excited to do some lessons on birds.  We are also going to learn about some birds that live in our yard and learn how to attract them or others.  We will be starting this project after we do our animal lessons.  There are 6 of those lessons, and if I stay on track, we'll finish them next week and can start birds the first week of May.  After our bird project we will be doing a lengthy study on plants/flowers/gardens that will go quite a bit into our summer.  I really want to start a compost pile.

1.  Learn about birds body parts and feathers, Read First Book of Birds ebook (FBB) pg 6-16
2.  Learn about birds body parts and feathers, Read FBB pg 16-25
3.  Learn about migration, Start bird-watching journal, Do Nature Journal cover, Read FBB pg 52-60
4.  Learn about mating/nesting, Read FBB pg 33-43
5.  Learn about eggs/babies, Read FBB pg 43-51
6.  Look at books with birds in Washington and choose bird to do lapbook on, Learn about bird watching, Read FBB pg 62-65, Bird Watch
7.  Research favorite foods, flowers, etc. of chosen bird, Take notes, Read Bird Watching For Beginners (BWFB) ebook pg 8-19, Bird watch
8.  Anatomy lapbook, Read BWFB pg 8-19, Bird watch
9.  Migration lapbook, Read BWFB pg 19-22, Bird watch
10.  Nest lapbook, Read BWFB pg 22-34, Bird watch
11.  Babies lapbook, Read BWFB pg 34-37, Bird watch
12.  Predators lapbook, Read BWFB pg 37-46, Bird watch
13.  Poem and Song lapbook, Read BWFB pg. 46-52, Bird Watch
14.  Observation lapbook, Transfer information from bird-watching journal, Bird watch
15.  Finish bird lapbook

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