Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Plan is Working!

So far we have 2 stories left in our disobedience/obedience lessons from the Bible and I think the kids are starting to get my point.  As I was typing that sentence, the were being disobedient and I went in and told them since they won't mind, they need to pick up their room.  They both apologized immediately and started picking up.  NO arguing.  When they were done I told them calmly to pick up the books on my couch and they are very happily doing it.  I think we are getting somewhere!

We started memorizing their Bible verses on obedience today.  We are late in starting it but that is my fault.  We have all the time in the world.  I still need to write out their test for this, but it won't be a major one being their ages, so it should only take a moment to do.

For Science we are still learning about the birds.  Today we started reading on how to learn how to bird watch.  I think once we get to actually leave our house for some bird watching they will really enjoy it.  I will do that once we read a little more about bird watching and they get a few ideas on how they would like to do it and the supplies they want to bring with us.

On Friday I am going to a new friends house because she has a couple of birds that she is going to let us visit.  This will give the kids a chance to see a bird up close and check out some anatomy. 

I have decided to break down the phonics and letters for Kyle a little slower than what A Beka is doing.  So this week we are focusing on the letter I and the short sound for it.  Amanda is still plugging through this boring A Beka program.

Kyle is catching on to math very fast!  Amanda is like that also.  He is adding now and totally gets the concept.  Amanda is learning some fractions this week along with a lot of review on telling time, measuring, adding, subtracting and counting money. 

Amanda is moving right along with her reading.  In fact, we are going to start reading Charlotte's Web together.  There is a story behind this if you'll bear with me.  My first chapter book that I bought and owned was Charlotte's Web.  When I read that book, my mom and I read it together.  She would read one page and I would read the other.  That's a good memory.  So I told Amanda about that.  She had bought her own copy of this book the other day because she wanted it.  So we are going to read it like my mom and I did.  One page at a time....together.

For Kyle's reading he chose a condensed version for young readers of War of the Worlds.  We read 2 chapters of that today and he likes it.  I am glad to have this opportunity to introduce and share good novels with them.  I was worried that they might not be old enough for some of these books that we are reading, but they understand them for the most part and love them, so I will keep reading them.

We just finished reading Runaway Ralph by Beverly Cleary and they liked that book.  Although, none of it like it as much as the first book where we met the mouse Ralph.  That book is The Mouse and the Motorcycle.  We really liked that book.  I remember reading these as a kid, once.  I didn't read these ones as often as Beezus and Ramona or books about Henry Higgins.  Those were some of the best Beverly Cleary books in my opinion.

That is all we've been up to lately.  Stay tuned for more adventures in Teaching At Home in a Christian Way!  lol


  1. Great home school supplies lead to great lessons. I love the books the kids are currently reading. This site has some great Christian home school supplies.

  2. Thanks for the website tip Cara! I will definitely check that out.