Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Homeschool Week 6

I took a blogging break so I need to catch up on the books that we read for last week.  Our subjects were Ancient Africa, Joshua in the Bible and finishing Charlotte's Web.  The kids are moving along smoothly in the workbooks that I bought them for math and I am glad for that.  I have them do 2 pages a day.
The kids really enjoyed reading books of Anansi the Spider from Africa.  I however, don't much care for his stories.  We read quite a few anyways.
Stinky has enjoyed Charlotte's Web more than Bubba, but he's only 5 so I expect that.  He sat through it really well.  And by doing that he will be able to understand more at a younger age when we read.
We took this week off from our Social Studies/Science class because we are ahead of my schedule.  That made this week a tad easier.
Below are the books that we read this week.  The only book that I couldn't get onto the list was The Ancient World of Great African Kingdoms by Sean Sheeham.  We did not read this book, but looked at the pictures to get more of a feel for what Africa looked like and how the people lived and dressed.

All in all, our weeks are going by smoothly and we are enjoying most of it!  I am loving our schedule this year and glad that I went with my own lessons and schedule.  Thank you Lord Jesus for allowing us this freedom!

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