Monday, January 24, 2011

Homeschool Blogging Catch Up

The last week that we did in homeschool covered the water cycle in Science.  We read a couple of books on that along with some Bible verses that said a little about it also.  They totally understood this and even knew most of it before I started to teach them. 
I think the best things that happened while I wasn't able to blog about them was the week that the kids got to choose what they would study that week.  I gave each of them a list of 3 things that they could choose from to learn and do some sort of project on.  Bubba chose trapping and snaring and Stinky chose sewing. 
Stinky and I went to Michael's craft store and picked out a simple little unicorn picture that she could learn to sew with. 
Bubba got to do his with his dad.  They had built a fort in Greg's living room to hide under while they had rigged up a tub to show him how to trap animals.  They both had quite a bit of fun doing this project.  Bubba took what he learned and played with his dolls after that trying to trap them. 
Here are the books that we read for this school week:


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