Monday, May 16, 2011

Marriage the Christian Way

Do you ever feel like there are times in your life when God is subtly trying to tell you something?

A few weeks ago, I took my son into the doctor for an appointment.  When I left my house and hubby, all was well.  He was going to wait for us to get home because he had a dr. appointment also.  The dr. appointment was not very long at all, one of the benefits of going in before any of the birds are singing outside. 

When the kids and I got home, we knew that Dad was gone.  We wondered where he was since he was waiting for us to go to his dr.  We searched through the house and no Dad.  I searched outside and no Dad.  There wasn't any note from him telling us where he went. 

There was evidence though that something was amiss.  His bracelets were on the table, and he wears them everyday.  Doesn't leave the house without it.  He also always is armed with his pistol, and I found that in the closet. 

I called next door to see if he was there and no one answered.  My sister-in-law lives next door.  I walked over towards the house and couldn't hear them talking.  I can always hear Greg talking through the house!  All of the lights were even off.

After searching more and not finding him, I decided that I had better start asking some questions.  I called his friend to see if he had picked him  up.  Nope, not there.  So I went over and knocked on his sister's door and woke her up.  She thought maybe he went to the hospital.  She saw that an ambulance was here, came over to see, saw Greg was sitting up and alright and went back home so he didn't have an audience.

So the kids and I came back here and called the ER by our house. 

Yep, he was there.  He had been having chest pains and called himself an ambulance.

As I sat in the hospital room with him, waiting for the results of all of the tests they were running, I was thinking about marriage.  I can be selfish a lot.  I am not always the nicest person to my husband.  There are times when I  am selfish, rude and impatient with him.  I was thinking of all these things and reminding myself that this could have been it.  This could have been the time when something went wrong and I am in this parenting thing and marriage alone. 

I started to think back to the material that I was reading from Eternal Encouragement, formerly TEACH Magazine.  I had received a bundle pack on marriage to read.  There were so many stories and uplifting articles to promote and honor marriage.  I thought back on what I had read recently and knew that I was not being the best wife that I could be.  And Greg deserved more than that.

The Marriage Bundle that I received included 5 e-books, 7 e-booklets and2 back issues from TEACH Magazine to read articles and stories about marriage, and the other 2 were audio recordings.  The value of this bundle is over $100 but you can order this for $39.99 for the electronic download version or you can order the shipped version and pay $49.99.  There are currently 19 different bundles to choose from, including topics on Character Training, Family Time, Godly Women and Homeschooling.  You can check these out on Eternal Encouragements website.

The information in these bundles are sure to be something that opens your eyes.  It is always nice to read about marriage from a Christian point of view too!  There is no slander from Mrs. Lorrie Flem about marriage.  She is nothing but positive and godly while teaching us the way to be Christian wives and mothers.  The Lord has definitely blessed her with information to share with Christian women.

I wonder if God was trying to teach me my selfishness and ungodly ways of living by Greg going into the hospital.  This event made me stop and examine my marriage and the ways that I don't live up to what God wants me to be.  My husband deserves so much more of me than I give him and this seemed like a gently push from my Heavenly Father to shape up.


  1. I hope that your husband is ok now! That must have been terrifying. Good review and thanks for sharing your story.

  2. Why is it that it takes a scare to realize what we have and where we need to change?
    God sure does know how to get to our core, doesn't He?

  3. My husband's name is Greg, too! AND God sent the bundle to me for certain timing, as well. Amazing how God can take one little bundle and fit so many pieces together in different families! Hang in there and take care of your hubby. :)
    Jenny, fellow GM

  4. Wow, how scary! I also found God using this bundle to take a good look at my marriage and how I've been acting.

  5. Isn't God's timing impeccable? Hope all is well!

  6. Wow! What a scare. Hope your husband is fine. It's cool to see how God can use a situation like that to teach us things, isn't it?
    Thanks for sharing!
    Betsy--Fellow GM

  7. Oh my goodness so glad he is ok and you have a new resolve to make a difference for the kingdom in your marriage. blessings
    a fellow gabby mom
    Homestead in the Pines

  8. I'm so glad to see that your husband is now okay. I think we're all guilty of taking our marriages for granted sometimes. But those gentle (and not so gentle) nudges from the Lord help get us back on focus.

    Fellow Gabby Mom

  9. Wow, I hope all is well, now.

    Blessings from fellow Gabby Mom,
    Mrs. Q

  10. Hi! I hope everything is okay now with your husband.

    God bless you.

    Another Gabby Mom

  11. For some reason Lorrie could not post this herself, so she forwarded it to me and asked me to post it. Cindy Head Mama

    Hi Danielle,

    I'm honored to think that the Lord used some of our products to help encourage you in making your marriage better. Or, as you said, "a gentle push from my Heavenly Father to shape up."

    I enjoyed your story and almost felt like I was reading the beginning of a good mystery novel, "The Case of the Missing Husband." But, I'm glad you found your husband and that you are glad that you found him!


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