Sunday, January 17, 2010

Week Ending Jan. 17, 2010

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This week was a very good week in school. We didn't do work all 5 days this week being that I had a migraine. But 4 outta 5 ain't bad.

For Kindergarten, Kyle and I are reading fairy tales. He doesn't enjoy too many of these stories so far. I want to finish the book that I am reading to him and we will move onto something else. He has enjoyed a few of the stories.

He loves learning! It is so neat to watch him when he knows something. During math, when he knows the number on the flash card, his smile breaks out across his whole face and he just giggles and giggles while he is telling me. The same when he gets his sounds right for his letters. It is so contagious also! He does a great job writing his name in cursive also.

Amanda and started the Story of the World last week. This week we started chapter 1 which covered Nomads. This is a very interesting book and I'm glad that my friend sent it to me.

We only had one day to use our new Language Arts, Writing, and phonics lessons from A Beka but she seemed to really like the worksheets. They are colorful and that is neat for her.

For our Bible study this week we learned about Noah's Ark.

All in all, this was a successful week. I actually wish that sometimes I could get the kids to do a little more school work than I have assigned because I am enjoying it so much!

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  1. I admit it I m so jealous in a good way! I would of loved to home schooled my son Tony when he was young. What a blessing and it is so fun and exciting to see their young minds bloom forth! Keep up the wonderful work it is honestly a blessing for me to read what is going on in your life!