Friday, July 30, 2010

My Homeschool Plans for 2010-2011

I just finished our schedule for school this coming year.  I feel very accomplished!

We aren't going to have a whole lot of days off this year, but we have to take an extra week off in December for my court case.  So here is the dates I have planned:

  • September 13, 2010 - Start school
  • November 22-26 - Thanksgiving Break
  • December 6-10 - No school for court
  • December 20-31 - Christmas Break
  • April 18-22 - Spring Break
  • June 10 - Last day of school
I have also split the year up into quarters because it made it easier for my to plan.  So here are the quarters, they are each 8.5 weeks, as we are in school 34 weeks.
  • 1st Quarter September 13-November 10
  • 2nd Quarter November 11-February 4
  • 3rd Quarter February 7-April 5
  • 4th Quarter April 6-June 10
And here is how I split each day up:
  • Bible 10 min.
  • History 20-30 min.
  • Writing & Journal 10 min.
  • Phonics 15 min.
  • Independent Reading 15 min.
  • Language Arts 30 min.
  • Math 20 min.
  • Classes that are split up during the year (Science, Music, Health, Social Studies, Arts) 30 min.
I also have written down what we will be studying each week for those classes that are split up and Language Arts.  So the only things that are left for me to do as each new subject comes up is choosing how we will study that subject.  

For example, when Personal and Dental Hygiene comes up in Health, I will have to choose what books to read, what activities to do and anything extra for that.  I don't want to do that much planning all now, because I enjoy the planning process of school.  I really want to make that last through the year!  

I feel like I am really set for school this year.  The kids want to start early, so we might just do that.  Who knows.  That's the beauty of home schooling!  If you'd like to read what subjects that we will be covering this year, read this post here.


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