Monday, August 9, 2010

Not Back 2 School Blog Hop - Curriculum and School Room Week

I missed the first week of this blog hop, so I can't linky up a week one post either then.  So I decided to just go ahead and link my previous post about the curriculum and such that I am using this year for everyone to look at if they'd like.
I am not purchasing very much curriculum this year at all.  I already own books that show what the children should learn in each year of school and I also compare it to recent lists on line.  But here is what I have mapped out for the year.  The first post is called Sorry For The Delay... and this post covers the curriculum I will be using and the list of topics that we will study for the year.  My Homeschool Plans for 2010-2011 and this just maps out our schedule and how I am going to tackle the days.

I added a few new things to our school room this year.  If you'd like to see what my school room looked like last year, check out my post called Our School RoomMy supplies have been simplified this year by being able to add desks for the kids.  It works so much better than the bar.  I added some posters for English this year because Amanda is going to be learning English this year.  
Our school room is in my Living room.  My house has 2 Living rooms and my husband has taken over the other room and it is his "Man Room".  So I have my own Living room.  When I decided to homeschool the kids, I slowly got it more and more to appeal to the kids for school.  I am almost all of the way done with doing that I think.  It's not a huge Living room to begin with and there are a few things that I am not willing to give up in my room.  This room is also the room where the kids and I watch tv when we do.  Or if the kids get to play the wii it is in here.  Most of our activities are in here, unless they involve Greg and we go to "his" Living room.  
My School Nook is actually a bar that was built into our mobile home.  I bought a book shelf and stuck it in there.  We don't use that sink or the trash compactor in there, I think  they are both broken anyways.  So most of my stuff for school fits in there, except for the art supplies, which are stored in the closet in my laundry room.  I still have the crate on the floor next to my desk for ease of finding the right school books.  The only things in the crate are school books we are using right now.  The kids no longer use the cubbies that I bought for them because of their desks, so I have been able to use more of them for my shelves.  Amanda took one and put it under her desk, and Kyle's one that he kept won't fit under his desk, but his can stay on my shelves.  
I put up more of the wall stickers that are like chalkboard.  I haven't written anything on them yet, but I will write stuff pertaining to our topics that we are learning.  I let each of the kids pick out a caption bubble sticker to use to write the reference of their AWANA verse that they need to memorize for the week.  One is above Amanda's desk and Kyle's orange one is on the other because there isn't anywhere to put it above his desk.  I told them they could put the other ones I have on their desks to use, but they haven't decided yet.
*Please excuse my laundry baskets, I haven't put them away yet.

The bulletin board is ready for a couple of our subjects for the first week.
 The chalkboard wall stickers and Parts of Speech Poster.
 More of the chalkboard wall stickers up close.

 Amanda's desk.  She put it together herself.
 Above Amanda's desk.
 Kyle's desk.  He put most of his together himself also.
 My Living room/Schoolroom.  The kids are playing the wii.
 The chair that you see is to my desk. 

 The bar where the kids now eat.
 This is my School Nook.  That is my mug collection, well most of it.
 Top shelf has art supplies, blow-up globe, Hooked on Phonics kits and a tooth brushing kit and game.  2nd shelf has all of my teacher books and books that we will read this year in school.
 3rd shelf has these cubbies that have my school supplies in them (e.g. paper, file folders, peechees, flashcards, pencils, glue, chalk, etc.).  4th shelf has School books on them, mostly fiction, but I also have the Bibles on this shelf, with the school readers.
 5th shelf has nonfiction books and the reading comprehension books that Amanda is going to start.  The bottom shelf is Kyle's little cubby and the big empty one I am going to put the Leap Pad thingy in it.


  1. I like your school :) love the bar, where did you get the Amanda doll? have a great school year

  2. Thanks Kimberly!

    Yunia, thanks! I found the Amanda doll in a little antique store in my town. It is closed now. But maybe you can find more by the brand of the doll. They are made by Timeless Treasures.

  3. We love the Wii too..and we have those grammar posters. Don't you just love Dollar Tree? LOL
    Our school area is open to our family room also. Great way to utilize that space!

  4. I like your room and the organization! Hope you have a great year!

  5. Love it!!! It looks like you have lots of room. I hope you have a great year.