Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Ants Go Marching 1 by 1.....

School this week was so breezy!  The kids even did school work on Saturday and extra on a few of the other days.  I like that!  That means I am doing something right.  I have gotten much more relaxed about our teaching and learning styles.  That doesn't mean my kids aren't going to be learning or even learning slower than students in public school.  It simply means that we are going to make learning fun and enjoyable!

Both Amanda and Kyle are craving to learn about ants and can hardly wait to work on their lapbooks.  Amanda has been so proud of hers.  She has even finished the 1st folder.  There are 3 to the ant study.  I will take pictures when they are all done.  

I have broken down the schedule a little bit so we still don't get overwhelmed.  Instead of trying to squish in Social Studies/History and Science into each day, when I want the focus more on Math and Phonics currently?  So Monday and Friday we will have Social Studies and on Wednesday we will do Science.  Then if we want to squeeze more Science in on Saturday we can.  Or I would actually like to do a lot of our Science stuff during the summer.

For myself I have been reading a book about ants.  This is to help broaden my understanding of ants before I teach the kids about them and it also feeds my healthy appetite for knowledge!  The book is called Journey to the Ants: A Story of Scientific Exploration by Bert Holldobler & Edward O. Wilson.  It is such an interesting book, really.  I do not care of the Darwin and evolution mentions, but being as sure of my Christian faith as I am, I can ignore those parts.  The rest of the knowledge is really good.  
This week I am looking forward to more learning and teaching.  The kids also are.  I found directions for finding the queen in an ant nest and am thinking that maybe I will search for her in the small nest outside.  I don't like getting bit or the ants on me so we'll see if I do it.  It hurts when these small ants bite!

Easter is coming up and next week we will be starting our Easter lessons.  I have a lapbook for that and am also going to be reading lots of the Bible.   

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  1. Lapbooks are fun! I'm glad you adn the kids are enjoying them!
    That reminds me, I have an Old Testament Timeline thing I want to do. That'll be for May Term.