Monday, March 22, 2010

Just a Little Note for the Evening

We have just about finished our ant study.  I want to read 2 more books to the kids and Amanda has to finish her lapbook now that we have brads.  

This week they are doing a lapbook on Easter hymns and the writes.  We are only going to cover 3; Martin Luther, Fanny Crosby and Charles Wesley.  We are going to do another study next week for Easter.  It is a study that breaks down the Easter story for kids.  Actually they are devotionals.  

After that we will start our bird project.  I am doing some research and planning for that now.  I am not sure yet how long this study will last. 

Tonight I am going to sit down with Amanda's Science book and see what is in it for the whole unit.  I know I am covering a lot of things on my own.  And after birds I want to do flowers, plants, trees, gardens and such.  I have a lot of planning to do but it's perfect Spring and Summer studies. 

I am kinda tired and want to get off the PC, but I just wanted to type what was on my mind.  

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