Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I sat down today and figured out how I wanted to end science for the year.  I made the plans for the rest of the year all the way up to our last unit on plants.  This will be quite an extended unit I think and I need to spend more time to plan it out.  The lessons that are numbered are from A Beka Science 1 book.

1.  Lesson 25-27
     Finish ant lapbook
     Read book on ants

This lesson concludes our ant unit.  The next unit is on how things work.  Such as pulleys, levers, wheels, magnets, etc. 

2.  Lesson 11 

3.  Lesson 12

4.  Lesson 13

5.  Lesson 14

6.  Read Berenstain Bear's Science book (I had this when I was younger and did a science experiment out of it for 6th grade.  It explains the pulleys, levers, wheels and other things like that and the kids love those Bears!)

Lesson 15-24 covers the animal kingdom.  We will choose animals to go into more depth later on.

7.  Lesson 15 & 16

8.  Lesson 17-18

9.  Lesson 19

10.  Lesson 20-21

11.  Lesson 22-23

12.  Lesson 24

13.  Start Birds Unit- learn about body parts & feathers, Use Free.Bird bird body copywork pages to label bird bodyparts

14.  Learn about migration, Start bird-watching journal, Give kids Free.Bird Nature Journal cover

15.  Learn about mating/nestin

16.  Learn about babies

17.  Look at books with birds in Washington and choose bird to do lapbook

18.  Research favorite foods, flowers, etc. of chosen bird, take notes

19.  Anatomy lapbook

20.  Migration lapbook

21.  Nest lapbook

22.  Babies lapbook

23.  Predators lapbok

24.  Poem and song lapbook

25.  Observation lapbook, Transfer info from bird-watching journal

26.  Finish Bird Lapbook

All of these lapbook pages will most likely be done faster than one lesson per day.  Amanda loves to do it and will probably do more than one page a day.  And that is fine by me!

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