Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Homeschool Happenings

Last week I was so busy that I didn't get to link up to my own blog hop!  lol  This week I am going to. 
Our first week of school was great.  Well, it was pretty easy.  We had a last minute camping trip that got planned with some friends, so we only schooled Monday and Tuesday.  So this week, we are finishing up from last week.  But all of that is cool with me, because we started so early.  As I've said on my blog already, I had school planned to start the 13th, and the kids wanted to start early.  So we did.  It doesn't really mess anything up for me. 
Plus, I have a 4 hour job to do tomorrow.  I have to be online and on the phone for a research study being conducted.  It's going to be a mock trial, and I am a mock juror.  I am getting paid for it also!  $30/hour!  I say that is some easy money making right there!
Monday went smoothly!  It was so successful.  Amanda now being in 2nd grade is able to a lot of work on her own.  I can help  Kyle more on his subjects this way.
My hubby and I talked last night and decided that since Kyle did so well in Kindergarten math and he's moved onto 1st grade math, that we are going to brush up his skills a little, do some reviewing, and then put the kids in the same level.  There is not much that really changes in those grades of math, just review, review, review.  A few new things are added to learn.  So the subjects Amanda knows well in math, she will skip while I work with Kyle and she is doing her own reviewing.  Then I am going to review some things like, money, clocks and such for her and teach Kyle at the same time.  After a few of those lessons, we'll be all on the same page.
The only difference then in subjects and grades between the 2 kids is phonics/language arts/reading.  All of the other subjects they do together.  So will I actually have 2 kids in 2nd grade by the end of the year and start them both in 3rd next year?  We will see......


  1. it all sounds good! and the money sounds very good! that's an easy $30/hour!

  2. I was wondering why you didn't post last week! lol, thanks for sharing with us!