Monday, September 6, 2010

Week 2 is Underway

This is really our 3rd week, but we spent 2 weeks on the first week because we went camping.  So I am going with week #2.

I finished the whole week's schedule/plans just tonight.  Here is the plans:

BIBLE: We're still reading about Moses in the Bible.  So this week we will read stories from when Moses went to Pharoah and asked him to let God's people go to Moses getting water out of the rock.  I have a couple coloring sheets for them, but nothing big.

HISTORY: Story of the World doesn't talk about creation, which is one drawback of the book in my opinion.  So I am breaking from this book this week to cover creation.  For each day of creation I have a coloring sheet for them to reinforce the days. 

WRITING & JOURNAL: Each day the kids are given copywork from A-Z Kind Kids Care Copywork, which I bought from  They will do letters E-G this week.  Amanda will write 3 sentences daily in her journal on each of these questions; 1. What is most important day of creation?, 2. What is your favorite food?, 3. Describe how it would be to be an Israelite., 4. Write a poem. 

LANGUAGE ARTS: This week we will be going over poetry.  I got a couple of Shel Silverstein books from the library.  He is such a fun kid poet.  I also checked out another poem book for kids called Here's a Little Poem to read a few poems out of this week.

HEALTH: This week we are talking about the food pyramid.  I use a different food pyramid than what the USDA puts out.  Mine is from  So we will be learning the benefits of each color of fruits and veggies.  Tomorrow though we are going to read from the Bible about foods.

PHONICS: Amanda will continue to read her Hooked On Phonics books.  Kyle is starting a lapbook for the letter "A".  I have decided that on Fridays I will allow them to play computer games for phonics, reading and math.

READING: Amanda reads Power Builders every day from Hooked On Phonics and answers the questions.  We are going to finish reading A Knight At Dawn this week.  Kyle and I are still reading War of the Worlds together and Amanda and I are still reading her Barbie book together.  We don't read them every day is why.  But I am also going to add in extra reading to read the Light in the Attic and Where the Sidewalk Ends.

MATH:  Amanda is working out of a workbook I bought her for review and Kyle is going to be reviewing addition all week and learning thermometers and temperatures.  Which apparently, he already knows, so this will mostly be review I


  1. Thanks for stopping by from the 'hop'! I love your blog....I love your comments about your history book. It seems difficult to find one that covers creation (in history) for our young children. What do you use for Science? We started with Sonlight last year...and have added the curriculum from Answers In Genesis as our Core...but, I supplement a little from Sonlight selection (for the pretty pics and links) I'm a follower now! Can't wait to dig in!

  2. Stopping in from the hop! I'm enjoying your blog, but feel oh so guilty! Here you are in your 3rd week and I haven't even started! I could blame it on the fact some of our books haven't arrived yet, but I have plenty to start. Tomorrow's a new day, and maybe this was the push I need to get moving!!

    Can't wait to read more!