Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School: 2010-2011 Year

Today we had our first day of school.  It was such a successful day!  We were all 3 excited to start this morning!

I woke the kids up at 8am and they have 2 hours to wake up, eat breakfast and get ready for the day.  Then they usually have a little free time to just play before school.  We start our school day at 10.  This gives me plenty of time to get everyone ready, fed and prepared for school.

We started with our Bible story of Job this morning.  It is a short story with a few questions at the end.  History came next and I read the first story in our Story of the World book, then they answer a couple of questions and tell me in their own words something they learned.

Next they did some copywork.  I decided to start out easy with some review and we are using A-Z Kind Kid Care Copywork.  Each page of copywork is for a letter of the alphabet and it's print.  They did the page for "A" today.  Amanda started a journal for 2nd grade today and wrote 3 sentences about "Who I Am". 

We read 2 chapters from the book Knight at Dawn before we started some Language Arts.  I taught both of the kids how to use the Children's Dictionary today.  Obviously, since Kyle is in Kindergarten and still learning his letters, he didn't understand all of the way.  After I showed them both how to do it, I gave them each something to look up.  Amanda looked up "spider" and Kyle looked up "apple".

The last subject that we do all together is Health.  I had 2 activity/coloring books for handwashing and germs that we went through today.  

I gave Amanda some reading to do on her own.  Each day she will have a Power Builder to read from our Hooked on Phonics (HOP) program and answer the questions at the end.  She will also need to read one story out of her Bible for independent reading each day.  Then if she ever has free time while she's waiting for me or Kyle, she can read, do work to catch up, do some activities or coloring pages that I give them.  So she did a Power Builder and read the first story in her Bible.

While Amanda did that, Kyle and I were reading together.  We read 2 chapters from the condensed version of The War of the Worlds and we read a book called "The Puppy Who Wanted a Boy".  We also reviewed letters of the alphabet with some flashcards.  Then Kyle and I moved onto Math and he was done for the day.

Then it was my turn with Amanda to do her HOP lesson.  We skipped Math with her because I wanted to pick up a new math book this afternoon.  After we picked it up, she wanted to do some of it and completed 1 1/2 pages on her own.

It was a wonderful day!  I loved it and wished that we could have kept going!

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